Sunset Park Reimagines Brooklyn Politics

Sunday, May 6, 2018

“Our leaders should offer a clear vision for the future built on inclusion and transparency that empowers citizens and leaders to collaboratively strengthen our community.”  
-- summary of the Sunset Park Vision Statement

On Sunday, May 6th, a group of nearly 30 Sunset Park residents huddled under umbrellas and a tarp at Cafe Zona Sur to discuss and share their Vision for the Brooklyn Democratic Party. And the rain stayed away!

Hosted by Love Trumps Hate Indivisible, South West Brooklyn Democrats, Sunset Park Latino Dems, New York City Asian-American Democratic Club, and Rep Your Block, community members spoke with each other about the values they want to guide political leaders, how they want to be engaged in the local Democratic process, and how they can contribute to a Vision for the Brooklyn Democratic Party to best represent Sunset Park.

For this group, transparency, inclusion, and honesty were the core values they want to see local leaders emulate. And they agreed that impactful leaders are all around: from local school principals that “work hard for inclusion and equity,” to organizational leaders that show leadership by “giving others humanity and make them think of themselves as leaders,” to some elected leaders that “take risks to address community needs” and “dar voz a ellos que no tener un voz / give voice to those without a voice.”

One participant noted the role of Sunset Park community members: “We can help leaders be visible and stay present. Understand their humanity.” The group agreed that more town halls, community conversations about important issues, and accessible and frequent ways to participate would help them better support and guide local elected leaders.

When asked what their Vision for the future of the Brooklyn Democratic Party looked like, this group was bold and radical: Todos puedan votar / everyone can vote! Get rid of executive committees (put work/decisions in community hands)! More civic engagement and town halls! Get rid of County Committee proxy votes - if you’re elected, you must show up!

Their vision was also quite simple: Ser escuchada / To be heard. And they’re ready for it! In a district where less than half of King County Democratic Committee (often referred to as, County Committee) seats are filled, many from this group signed up to Rep Your Block. Many others knew exactly the neighbor or family member they could support.

How do you envision the future Brooklyn Democratic Party?

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