The Future of the Brooklyn Democratic Party
Above: Vision Workshop facilitators training.

Above: Vision Workshop facilitators training.

Initiated in 2016 by New Kings Democrats, the Vision Project invites Brooklyn residents to think and talk together about what would make the Democratic Party better: more reflective of our values and more effective at creating the kind of society we want.

The Kings County Democratic Party has long been associated with machine politics, patronage, backroom deals, and a lack of transparency and accountability. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods and constituencies have been ignored by the party. The Vision Project hopes to bring more voices to the discussion of how the local party can better represent all of us.

A series of interactive community workshops and a boroughwide survey will produce a clear vision statement for the Brooklyn Democratic Party.

A vision statement is an aspirational description of future goals designed to guide current and future action.

Together, this statement and the survey results will articulate the aspirational future state of Brooklyn politics and the values that should guide Democratic political leaders in service to their constituents. We will also identify specific ways Brooklynites want their political leaders to engage with them.

Please sign up and we’ll keep you posted about this project and send you the Vision Statement when it’s finished.


Upcoming Event!
The Vision Project: Community Convention
Sunday, March 3rd 1 - 4:30 PM

Since March 2018, The Vision Project has hosted 16 community workshops across Brooklyn, bringing people together in conversation about their shared values and their vision for the future of local politics.

Now, on Sunday, March 3rd, 2019, we will convene a borough-wide Community Convention to analyze the results of the Vision Project Workshops. Together, we will craft this data into a shared vision statement to guide the future of politics in Brooklyn.

We need your help to shape this collective vision, and to ensure it accurately reflects and represents the diverse constituencies of Brooklyn. 


1:00 PM Workshop Showcase 
See the results of sixteen conversations hosted across the borough, from Bushwick to Marine Park. Talk to people who attended each of the community workshops

1:45 PM Working Group Discussions
Join one of three breakout groups and process together the combined results gathered in the community workshops held across the borough. Help define a shared standard of Leadership, Engagement, and Vision to guide the politics of Brooklyn.

3:15 PM Community Showcase
Join members of the host committee and hear the results of the working group discussions. Join with others from your neighborhood and commit to how you will contribute to progress towards a shared vision.


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The Vision Project will convene a diverse group of Brooklyn Democrats, from loyal Democrats who are reliably politically active to those who have felt marginalized by the Party and may not always vote. Some Brooklyn neighborhoods are consistently left out of critical political conversations. The Vision Project will ensure these communities are engaged and consulted.

The Vision Project will host participatory workshops across the entire borough, from Greenpoint to Sheepshead Bay. Over the course of 90 minutes, each workshop will offer community members the chance to thoughtfully articulate their own political values and future hopes, while also providing the chance to share their views with their neighbors. The ideas shared during each workshop will be collectively analyzed and shared during a Vision Community Convention in March 2019.

The Vision Statement, as well as the shared values and engagement approaches, will then be submitted to a borough-wide survey that will be circulated throughout the fall of 2019.


Our Partners

The Vision Project, initiated by the New Kings Democrats, is a collaborative effort of a broad coalition of political and civic partners:

Steering Committee Members

Ede Fox, Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform
Asher Freeman, Office of Antonio Reynoso
Emily Gallagher, Greenpoint Sexual Assault Task Force
Ben Solitaire, CBID
Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon, Southern Brooklyn Democrats
Claudia Galicia and Rebecca Harshbarger, Sunset Park Latino Democrats
Ernest Skinner and Hassan Bakirridan, ESPA
Mark Winston Griffith, Janel Quarless and Anthonine Pierre, Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC)
Brandon West, New Kings Democrats

The Vision Project Coalition

Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (CBID)
Ernest Skinner Political Association (ESPA)
Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform
Sunset Park Latino Democrats
Southern Brooklyn Democrats
Brooklyn Movement Center (BMC)
Greenpoint Sexual Assault Task Force
Office of Antonio Reynoso
New Kings Democrats (NKD)


We invite other organizations across Brooklyn to join us in advancing our shared vision.

Contact if you would like to help us host a workshop in your community.



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